Thinking outside the box


Soolnua is a specialist Business Events advisory helping destinations, hotels, venues and MICE agencies & associations with strategy, marketing and training based on 6 decades of experience as global leaders in the industry. The brief was to produce a rebrand which captured the essence of soolnua’s unconventional thinking process to help organisations succeed.

We worked with Paul Martin on our recent re-branding. In our briefing session Paul asked great probing questions about our vision, mission and business strategy and listened carefully to our answers. He then shared some initial visual ideas with us that immediately encapsulated our core identity. Finally he tweaked these ideas into an overall brand identity that, we feel, provides us with a marketing & communications platform to talk convincingly about the past, present and future of our company. Paul is unassuming, insightful and creative. He has a unique ability to amplify the unspoken elements of a brief and channel them into a compelling brand story that’ll take your organisation to the next level.

Padraic Gilligan